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The Asia FinTech Awards is now open to submissions

Two images from the Asia FinTech Awards. The first shows a team of people celebrating their win with bottles of champagne in front of the media wall. The second shows three business men in suits posing together after networking.

Time to celebrate your many successes

Asia is home to many of the world’s premier financial services and a burgeoning financial technology market. These awards were developed to celebrate this incredible community, and the achievements and successes of the continent’s best and brightest.

The categories are designed to cover the full spectrum of fintech. Entries and nominations will be judged by an independent panel of experts.

Winners will be revealed at a glamorous black tie ceremony on 23 August 2024 in Singapore. 

To enter, follow these simple steps. You’ll produce a submission that our independent panel of judges will find clear, concise and memorable.

How to enter

The deadline to enter the Asia FinTech Awards is 31 May 2024.

  • Register

    To enter the Asia FinTech Awards, you need to register and pay the US$350 registration fee. This will enable you to access the entry form and enter as many categories as you wish.

  • Pick your categories

    The categories are designed to encourage submissions from every kind of fintech, while also offering a wide range of individual and team awards, with a view to enabling the very best of financial technology and innovation to be scrutinised, recognised and rewarded.

    And you can enter as many as you wish.

    Read the criteria carefully for each and decide which will give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your strengths.

    The criteria are in a Q&A format, so follow this closely to provide the independent judging panel with a clear, easy-to-follow submission and include all of the information requested. Rest assured, the process is entirely confidential.

    Read the categories & criteria

  • Choose the form of your submission

    Make sure every submission is unique for the category that you’re entering.

    We accept written submissions of between 250 and 1,000 words per category (please note: this is in total, not per criterion).

    Written submissions are at their best after several drafts, with input from everyone involved. Remember that your submission needs to stand out from the crowd, so keep it active, free of jargon, and don’t forget to proofread your words before entering.

    Alternatively, you can enter a video submission. You’ll have a maximum of three minutes to demonstrate why you, your team or business should win the particular category. Videos are easy to digest and revisit, and they allow the judges to put a face to an entry.

    Please note, we are no longer accepting video files. To submit a video, you must upload it to a third-party platform such as YouTube or your own website and supply a link (ensure that the video is private or password protected before submitting).

  • Submit via the form

    The deadline to enter the Asia FinTech Awards is 11.59pm SGT on 31 May 2024.

    Submissions can only be accepted via the entry form, which you can access after registering and paying the registration fee.

    Fill out all of the required information. There are mandatory fields for the person providing the submission as well as the subject of the submission.

    If you are putting an organisation forward for an award, mark the fields under the Nominee heading with an ‘N/A’ except for the Company name field and make sure you choose the correct category from the list. Doing so reveals the correct category criteria and fields in which to paste your submission. The form must be filled out and submitted for every category.

    The form removes all formatting, so don’t worry about italics, bolding, underlining or hyperlinking, as these won’t make it through our system. Furthermore, no supporting documents and attachments are allowed, so don’t use the attach buttons for CVs, promo videos, PDFs and Word docs—these won’t make it through our system, either.

    For written submissions, input your 250 to 1,000 words in the provided fields. For video submissions, fill out the form (except the criteria fields) and paste the link to your video into the one of the criteria fields.

    Login to view the entry form

  • Attach your logo

    If you make it to the shortlist, we’ll need a high-resolution version of your logo for the ceremony and marketing campaigns. We accept the .JPEG, .PNG and .PDF formats, but prefer .EPS wherever possible. If you don’t have this, don’t worry.

  • Attach nominee’s photo

    This is for the Talent categories. Colour photos are preferred, wide, horizontal shots work well, and high resolution .JPEG is best.

  • Sit back and wait for news

    That’s it, you’re done! Approximately two weeks following the submission deadline, our judging panel will convene to make their decisions. We’ll then get in touch with every finalist to give them the good news.

How to win

It’s all about being memorable and compelling:

  • Start early. Give yourself plenty of time to carefully evaluate the criteria for the categories you’re entering and provide a well-produced submission before the entry deadline.
  • Check the criteria. Each category has its own criteria, and each submission should be unique.
  • Provide evidence. Include as many results and evidence of success as you can, including testimonials. Judges are there to be swayed, so sway them.
  • Keep it simple. Write or speak clearly and concisely so the judges can quickly understand the points you’re making.
  • Consult with the relevant team. Collaborate on your submission as you do your work, and ensure that your whole team contributes.
  • Be enthusiastic, transparent, and honest. Inspire the judges by sharing your organisation’s ethos and passion for your work without trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Redraft and revise. Once your submission is ready, start again and interrogate every fact and figure. Are they correct? Question every claim. Is that true? Weigh your language. Is that a helpful term or an empty buzzword?

Two images from the Asia FinTech Awards. In the first, some businessmen in tuxedos and suits stand around at a drinks reception talking excitedly. In the second, two glamorous women pose with their award in front of the media wall.General rules and requirements

  • Entrants must be based in Asia or serve an Asian market
  • All submissions must be in English
  • Self-submission and registration required
  • A one-time registration fee of $350 USD is payable upon registration
  • Registration entitles entrants to enter as many categories as they wish
  • Entrants are encouraged to limit submissions to two entries per category; further submissions may not be considered
  • Submissions must be unique and tailored to meet the criteria of each category
  • Written and video submissions are accepted – both must follow the criteria format
  • Submissions can be made until 11.59pm SGT on entry deadline day (31 May 2024)
  • Entrants are expected to send at least one representative to attend the in-person ceremony.

The Asia FinTech Awards reserves the right to remove any entries which do not meet the above criteria. Registration does not guarantee shortlisting.

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Get Your Tickets for 2024

That’s it! The Asia FinTech Awards is closed to submissions for another year! The independent judging panel is currently scoring and assessing the 2023 cohort. If you want to guarantee your spot at the awards ceremony in August, book your tickets right away.

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