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2023 Winners

The Asia FinTech Awards 2023 Winners

There were a record number of entries this year. The judges debated and deliberated to select 19 winners, which were revealed at the Hilton Singapore Orchard on 24 August.   

The biggest award of the night, FinTech of the Year, went to Tenpay Global because the fintech makes “cross-border payment and remittance easier, safer and more inclusive, helping more than a billion users in the process”, the judges said. 

Big winners on the night include Micro Connect and Syfe, which both won two awards. 

Other notable winners include Gregory Van from Endowus, who won Director of the Year. The Noe San from ModusOperandi, took home the Rising Star of the Year award. And Cyril Lalo from Ellipse, who bagged the Innovator of the Year prize.    

Chia Hock Lai, president of the Blockchain Association of Singapore, and chair of the Asia FinTech Award’s judging panel, said: “I would like to express my gratitude to all those who took the time to submit their entries for these significant awards, congratulate the outstanding winners, acknowledge the remarkable contributions of my fellow judges, and extend my appreciation to each and every one of you for your role in cementing our industry’s reputation as a truly world-leading force.” 

Executives, the expert judging panel and other prominent people from within the industry networked, socialised and celebrated the amazing work of Asia’s best fintechs on a triumphant evening.  

Josh Poyser, junior editor at FinTech Intel, said: “The Asia FinTech team would like to thank everyone who took part in making the awards a success. 

“Congratulations to all the finalists and winners on their incredible achievements and contributions to Asia’s fintech industry.”  

2023 Winners

Startup of the Year: Micro Connect 

The winner of Startup of the Year connects China’s brick-and-mortar stores to global investors. Its investment product leverages automation with low-risk repayments. It has a big future and is scaling aggressively to tap into the millions of small businesses in China with its blockchain technology.”

Data Initiative of the Year: ASTRI 

The winner of Data Initiative of the Year promotes inclusivity with data processing and enhances data protection. Privacy, responsibility and operating ethically are at the heart of this fintech.”


Best Use of Blockchain Technolgy: IDEMIA  

The winner of Best Use of Blockchain Technology is a leader in identity technologies. Backed by cutting edge R&D, and an expertise in biometrics, cryptography and data analytics, it’s on a mission to make the world a safer place.”


Payments Tech of the Year: Instarem  

The winner of Payments Tech of the Year makes payments simple, rewarding and hassle-free for individuals and businesses. Operating across six continents in more than a hundred markets, it enables users to send money overseas with ease.”


Personal Finance Tech of the Year: Syfe 

The winner of Personal Finance Tech of the Year is transforming the way people manage and invest their money. Its app allows users to invest in stocks, EFTs and crypto with low fees. 

“The success of this fintech can be measured by its growth across the APAC region. It’s a deserving winner as it provides the best tools and resources for people to improve their financial lives.”


Investment Tech of the Year: Micro Connect  

“This Hong Kong-based fintech, and winner of Investment Tech of the Year, has helped thousands of stores in scores of cities all over China to raise millions of dollars.  

It has opened new revenues to raise capital with its groundbreaking technology, allowing investors to construct and trade bespoke portfolios, with accuracy, security and efficiency.


LendTech of the Year: Pennant Technologies  

The winner of LendTech of the Year has shown itself to be agile and innovative. It has delivered future ready, easily adaptable products and solutions for global banks and financial services companies. Over the past year it has proved itself to be a worthy winner by gaining market recognition and acceptance.”


Banking Tech of the Year: Mambu Asia Pacific  

The winner of Banking Tech of the Year uses its platform to fast-track the design and build of nearly any type of financial offering for banks, fintechs, retailers and more. Its unique approach means it can assemble any configuration to meet business needs and user demand.”


WealthTech of the Year: Syfe  

In the last three years, digital wealth management platforms in Singapore have proliferated. The winner of WealthTech of the Year has gained tremendous traction in a competitive field. Its highly rated app supports people to manage their portfolios and make successful financial decisions.”


RegTech of the Year: Tookitaki  

The winner of RegTech of the Year has dedicated itself to building a safer and more secure world through its innovative technology, collaborations and community-based approach. It is dismantling siloed anti money laundering approaches with its offerings to fight financial crime.”


InsurTech of the Year: Igloo 

As the climate crisis increases the number of extreme weather events, the winner of InsurTech of the Year is helping millions of small farmers across Southeast Asia who have limited financial resources and rely on loans. This fintech uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide faster and more reliable payouts to help farmers recover faster from the impact of natural disasters.”


Best Employer Award: FWD  

The winner of the Best Employer Award provides holistic training, development opportunities and education schemes. The fintech also has programmes to look after the emotional, physical, financial and social health of its employees spread across Asia.”


Diversity & Inclusion Award: Moolahgo  

The winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Award ensures that its products and services are suitable and accessible for both the banked and the un– and underbanked population. The fintech provides a remittance service, has low-fees and creates awareness campaigns about financial literacy and cybercrimes for people who are otherwise left out of the financial system.”


Team of the Year: CredAble 

Despite being in various locations, the winner of Team of the Year delivered fantastic results, onboarding thousands and thousands of users in a short space of time onto a new tech product. The team continue to show how collaboration, effective communication and great leadership can yield impressive outcomes.”


Training Award: FlexM  

The winner of the Training Award focuses on fighting financial crime. By providing content in a fun and engaging formatand using interesting conceptsstaff learn effectively, which helps them to apply what they have learnt when it is needed, to detect risk and help to put a stop to financial crime.”


Rising Star of the Year: The Noe San from ModusOperandi 

The winner of Rising Star of the Year founded a fintech to reduce financial exclusion. They are new to this space, but in just a few years, they have gained traction, built a team from the ground up and created an innovative workforce to break down barriers for small business and provide them with access to financial services.”


Innovator of the Year: Cyril Lalo from Ellipse 

This person’s passion, leadership experience, vision and expertise stood out to the judges. Their ability to invent, develop and deploy a revolutionary product that is shaping its own ecosystem makes them a worthy winner of the Innovator of the Year award.”


Director of the Year: Gregory Van from Endowus 

The Director of the Year used their vast experience and passion for finance and technology to level the playing field for everyday retail investors. They have empowered individual investors to control their financial future, attracted top talent to their organisation, focused on diversity, and spearheaded the growth of the company.”


FinTech of the Year: Tenpay Global  

“The winner of FinTech of the Year provides innovative cross-border payment and money transfer solutions with a focus on competitive exchange rates and convenience. 

“It stands out with its connections and partnerships, which can lead to significant growth and bring beneficial network effects going forward. 

“The fintech makes cross-border payment and remittance easier, safer and more inclusive, helping more than a billion users in the process, in a sector that is only going to grow.”

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