Why you should enter the Asia FinTech Awards

Winning at the Asia Fintech Awards

Are you ready for the first in-person Asia FinTech Awards? Do you want to know what it takes to win one of the awards?  


With the Asia FinTech Awards 2023 ceremony heading to the Hilton Orchard Singapore, now is an ideal opportunity to look back at 2022 to see what you can learn from last year’s winners to ensure that you secure your place there. 

The Asia FinTech Awards 2022 virtual ceremony saw several fantastic fintechs, directors, innovators and rising stars at the top of their games prevail across more than a dozen categories.  

Airwallex, a payments platform, was the big winner in 2022.  

It won Team of the Year, Rising Star of the Year and the most prestigious award of the night, FinTech of the Year.  

The Australia-based fintech’s legal, risk and compliance team triumphed as it carries out work that is fundamental to any successful fintech, ensuring that the business can expand and grow effectively and efficiently on a global scale.  

Reach and scalability are important. If your product or service is accessible and has the capacity to expand, such as across borders, it has the potential to reach—and help—more people. 

Successful teams are made up of talented individuals. At Airwallex, Sam Kothari played a huge role in growing their company’s presence around Asia and building high-performing teams and giving back to the startup community.  

The independent panel of judges likes to see fintechs that bring benefits that extend beyond the obvious. 

Airwallex’s efforts on ESG and bringing both financial wellbeing and social responsibility to the fore helped it win the biggest award of the night. 

How many of these boxes does your company tick?  

In essence, how does your technology improve people’s lives? And how many people does it benefit? If you can answer these questions, you will be in with a great chance of winning at our awards. 

Don’t forget the 2023 entry deadline is rapidly approaching. You have until 05 May to register and enter one or more categories covering the full spectrum of fintech in Asia. 

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