Chih-Shan Luo

Head of digital banking division



Chih-Shan Luo (Shan) is the head of the digital banking division of CTBC Bank Co (CTBC), the largest commercial bank in Taiwan and well known for its dedication to digital transformation and fintech innovation. Shan is currently in charge of exploring digital finance innovation, including digital assets, CBDC, green finance, and fintech strategic investments. Her CBDC team is recognised by Taiwan Central Bank as the most supportive bank in the industry.


Prior to joining CTBC, she served as the head of the fintech centre at the Institute for Information Industry (III), a government think tank that aims to facilitate digital transformation. During her tenure at III, she led her team to build up Taiwan’s first fintech hub, FinTechSpace (FTS), which has now become the biggest and most influential fintech ecosystem in Taiwan. Moreover, with an aim to make Taiwan a leading player in the global fintech community, Shan endeavours to develop global fintech-related networks with both public and private sectors, building ties with institutions in Australia, the UK, the US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more. Last but not least, Shan was also co-author of The ASEAN FinTech Ecosystem Benchmarking Study, a cross-border research project jointly produced by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), and FinTechSpace.


Well aware that fintech is a double-edged sword for financial markets, Shan is devoted to putting the concept of responsible innovation into practice. With support from the government, she created regulatory clinic, a mentorship programme that helps startups navigate regulatory hurdles. Over years of development, the clinic has become the most popular service in the industry and propelled multiple successful regulatory sandbox applications for startups in FTS. To take it a step further, Shan also mentored FundSwap, the first fintech startup to successfully operate in the regulatory sandbox.


Because of her broad experience in fintech, Shan is frequently invited by various international and domestic institutions to be the speaker, panelist, and judge. Also, given Shan’s significant accomplishments in fintech, she was honourably selected into the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) 2019 and became an alumnus of the US Department of State.